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About the service

About financial transactions

By selling your services online; courses, certificates, expertise and others, with the prices you assign. After the deduction of the percentages mentioned in each plan, the profit is directly sent to you.
After creating the academy and choosing a plan, an invoice is automatically generated; within your configuration page on your dashboard. You can pay your invoices through any online paymnet channel you choose; which the payment gateway provides.
Visa card, Master card, and Charge card.
Owning a bank account isn’t obligatory; because there are prepaid cards you can purchase and charge, according to the country you reside in.
G2A allows multiple payment channels for you to choose from. The payment channels differ according to the country you are registering from; therefore, they'll show on the checkout page.

About extra features

Coupons are codes you generate within your academy; on the courses you choose, and then used by students to enroll in the courses; whether as an alternative for the online payment process, or to activate an offer percentage. To know more, please read this Article.
Yes definitely. You can generate certificates for students who complete the requirements for each course; which you determine. Also, the certificate can be in both English and Arabic. Design your certificate and upload it on the certificate page.