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Independent online academy

Create an independent online academy, and customize it based on your own brand. NO TECHNICAL SKILLS NEEDED!

Multiple payment options

Offer as many free and paid courses as you wish. The system provides multiple payment means to cover all


The academies are supported by both English and Arabic languages. You get to choose whether to activate them both, or allow one of them only

Interactive platform

The academy includes many interactive sections, where users can: discuss the material, exchange information and experiences, participate in study groups, submit individual or group assignments. Each user has a profile, and they can follow each other

Secure Hosting

Instructit guarantees you a full secure hosting to all material and data; especially videos, which are powered by our own provider and no need for a third-party software

Content and Users Data ownership

Content and users data are owned by only you, and we don't claim any ownership neither access to them

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